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Spring learning behaviours



For our children to be valuable citizens and effective learners, we promote and reward our SPRING learning behaviours in everything we do.

S - Self-awareness

I am able to name my feelings and emotions, so I can think about how they might affect my behaviour as well as the impact of these on my learning and that of my classmates.

P - Perseverance

I am resilient and never give up, even when I find things hard.

R - Reflection

I look back at my work and behaviour to see how I can improve.  I take pride in my work and constantly build on my prior learning to make progress.

I - Independence

I can work independently as I listen carefully and know what resources I have available to help me.  I can extend my own learning by looking at ways to be creative and imaginative.

N - Not afraid to take a risk

I can rise to a challenge.  I am confident and I am not afraid to make mistakes as that is what helps me to learn.

G - Group Champion

I can share and cooperate effectively in a group.  I can work with a partner or team, offering support and contributing my own ideas.