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Social, Moral, Spiritual and cultural development

At Springfield we strive to provide an inclusive, welcoming and exciting learning experience and environment where children and staff can be happy and successful.

Within our RE and PSHE sessions, across the wider curriculum and our assemblies, our pupils have many opportunities to further their spiritual development. They are encouraged to be reflective about their own beliefs, and develop their understanding of and respect for different people’s faiths and cultures, feelings and values. Throughout their time at Springfield, we include visits to different religious buildings to deepen their understanding and experiences as well as other trips and experiences that provide the chance to explore the lives of others.

We encourage pupils to develop their voices through our focus of oracy, and ask them to explore and question the world around them – exploring current issues in our Talk Assemblies and encouraging discussion across the curriculum. Our Talk Assemblies also give opportunities for pupils to listen to, appreciate and respond thoughtfully to the views of others.

Our Arts curriculum and experiences encourages our pupils to use their imagination and develop their creativity in a range of different ways with rich opportunities to work alongside artists and performers from a range of arts backgrounds. This includes performance experiences where pupils work as a team and in collaboration.

As a Rights Respecting School, we use pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the articles to support their understanding of right and wrong, and ensure that they consider these within their own decisions about their actions. Classes create and revisit Class Charters to build an understanding of class behaviours, and a Play Charter details the expectations for social interactions. Both support pupils to develop a strong moral compass.

Our pupils are aware of the rewards and consequences of their choices, and staff implement these consistently so that pupils recognise and adhere to boundaries in school. Additional PSHE sessions are planned in response to pupil’s current needs in order to support their knowledge and understanding of ongoing issues.

As a Thrive School, we closely monitor the social and emotional wellbeing of our children, with a range of support that they can access if required, from pupil specific thrive sessions, 1:1 ELSA support and drawing and talking. We believe pupils emotional wellbeing is extremely important for their development and as such, strive to support them in the best way possible.

Over recent years, pupils have championed a range of local and regional charities and causes. Examples include a shoe share initiative which resulted in raising funds for UNICEF and a recent cake sale planned by one student to support WWF. Pupils in Year 4 completed a local litter pick and the whole school community donated gifts so that every child was able to select a present for a family member at Christmas.

The voices of our community are an important way that we promote inclusion. To inform decision making within our school is collaborative, we have a range of student groups, and regular questionnaires to staff, pupils and parents where we gather views that are in turn used to inform positive change throughout the school.
At Springfield, we are committed to ensuring the SMSC provision is the best it can be. We are currently auditing this and will be working towards the SMSC quality mark to develop this further.