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Our Library

Welcome to the library page. Reading is at the heart of Springfield Juniors and is supported by our extensive library.  

This special space has evolved over time and continues to flourish. It is home to a vast collection of books for all children to enjoy, no matter their interests and reading abilities. Each class visits the library once a week and may borrow up to three books at a time. The children are familiar with the library layout, which helps to support them with their book choices. 

​The front facing non-fiction wall was established in September 2022. Many of these books were chosen by the school council after feedback from the children in every class. Over the course of the year, more books are purchased with the children’s views in mind. 

The children love the Little People Big Dreams section so much so, the shelves are often empty! They cannot get enough of the informative biography series of famous historic and modern-day influential men and women. 

The quick read section is also very popular and allows children to experience success in reading, grow in confidence and explore a wide range of topics. We have added to this section so that it includes more challenging books.  

Junior Librarians help to keep the library in a tidy order, sacrificing some of their lunch breaks in the process. They are dedicated to making sure the bookshelves are ship shape and ready for classes to come and find their next book. In order to be accepted for the role, they wrote some fantastic application letters.

The Springfield Book Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month to share with each other the books they have been reading. In collaboration with ‘The Children’s Book Award,’ the children have the opportunity to read and review newly published books. In Spring, the votes from the nation are shortened to create a top 10 list of titles which the book group read and then cast their final votes. The whole school takes an active part in voting in the picture book category and for the past 3 years we have agreed with the final outcome!

October 2023
During the first 6 weeks of the new year, the Springfield Book Club met every Wednesday and enjoyed reading the book 'The Last Bear' by Hannah Gold. They even got to meet her and the illustrator, Levi Pinfold, via a live ZOOM webinar where they were able to find out about the sequel 'Finding Bear'. It was so exciting! The children have written book reviews for the book and each class were gifted copies for their class book corner for other children to enjoy. 


Here are some useful links:
Ready to quiz?
Use this link and your AR log in details to complete a quiz on a book that you have read and enjoyed.

How is my child doing with their reading?
You can log on to AR from home and track your child’s reading progress. You will need your child’s log in details. 
My book doesn’t have a quiz!
Use this link to request a quiz to be made (it may take a while) please note, a parent’s email address is needed so they can let you know when it is ready.
What shall I read next?
This is a fantastic website which provides a book list for every year group of recommended books to read, plus titles of books linked to topics that your child may show an interest in.

Fancy reviewing brand new books? 
This bright and cheerful website is a wonderful resource to keep up to date with newly published books. It provides a range of reviews written by children. You can request books to read and review!