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Ambassadors of change

(Previously School Council)    

​We think that Ambassadors of Change links to right 12 on the convention of the rights of the child which is :
Children have the right to give their opinions freely on issues that affect them.
​ Adults should listen to children and take them seriously. 

​Springfield Junior’s Ambassadors of Change consists of at least 1 student from each class throughout the school. These children are voted by their class members and have various roles and responsibilities. 

2023 - 2024

So far this year the Ambassadors of Change have been busy looking at the positives of playtime and what improvements they would like to see. They are going to have a more active role at lunchtime as a part of the play team, to make sure pupils are being respectful and safe. 

​The Ambassadors of Change will meet fortnightly and minutes of these meetings will be uploaded for you to view.