SLE Profiles

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Name School Area of Expertise
Rebecca Abbott Clifford Road Primary Leadership in CPD, Leadership in Curriculum & Maths
Christina Bowskill Consultant/supply teacher SEN KS1 to KS4, SEN, Mentoring/Coaching, ITT/NQT Development, Behaviour & Discipline
Kim Cook Springfield Junior School Leadership in CPD, Physical Education, ITT & NQT Development, Behaviour & Discipline & Attendance
Barry Dunne St John’s CEVA Primary School Teaching & Learning (KS1), Phonics, ITT & NQT Development, Behaviour and discipline
Siobhan Eastwood St John’s CEVA Primary School Assessment, English & Support for most able pupils
Louise Everitt Springfield Junior School Assessment, Leadership in CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, English
Jane Fanning Springfield Junior School Leadership of curriculum & Maths
Nicola Johnson Halifax Primary EYFS/KS1, Mentoring/Coaching, Phonics, ITT/NQT Development
Daniel Jones Springfield Junior School Academies and transition, Assessment, Leadership in CPD, Leadership of Curriculum & Behaviour and discipline
Andrew Marshall The Oaks Primary School Physical Education
Verity Mawdsley Kyson Primary School English, ICT & MfL
Rachel Nightingale Sidegate Primary School SEN, ITT & NQT Development & Behaviour & Discipline
Jacqui Noon Clifford Road Primary Maths
Jane Ryder Sidegate Primary School Art & Culture
Jennifer Smith Halifax Primary Maths, Attainment in Year 6, Mentoring/Coaching, Teaching & Learning, ITT/NQT Development
Pippa Wake Brooklands Primary School Maths, English, Teaching & Learning (KS2)
Rachel Walker Whitton CP School SEN
Helen Wilson Clifford Road Primary Assessment, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, English & NQT Development