PE and Sport Premium

Sport Premium Allocation

PE and Sport Funding

‘Sports Premium’ is funding specifically for sports provision and began in September 2013. At Springfield Junior School, we use it to enhance, enable and enrich the lives of our children by offering them something new, exciting and different in our provision for PE.

In October 2014, our use of the PE and Sport Premium was published as a successful case study by Ofsted

(on page 12): Ofsted PE and Sports Premium Good Practice Guide Sports Grant 2016-17 Sports Grant 2015-16

Improving Current Provision

As a result of a PE impact study, we identified that staff would benefit from further Dance training.  Therefore, we have appointed a Dance Specialist to work alongside and up-skill current class teachers in all year groups.  The children are creating dances related to their topics within the classroom and all children are involved in performing their routines to an audience.

To see how we are using the Sports Premium in 2016-17, click on the link below:

Sports Grant 2016-17

To see how we are using the Sports Premium 2015-16, click on the link below:

Sports Grant 2015-16

Previously we have undertaken the following projects:


Project 1 – Circus Skills

Following pupil focus groups, the children told us that they enjoyed the clubs that we offer but would like to do something a little different.  Due to our aim of engaging every child in physical activity outside of their PE lessons, one of our staff members attended a Circus Skills CPD Workshop.  In order to set up this club, we needed to purchase additional equipment which came to a total of £899.02.  This club will commence January 2017 and its impact will be monitored.

Project 2 – Football

In the past, a football club has been offered to Year 5&6 children.  However, in our focus groups, it became apparent that the younger children wanted to participate in football also.  As a result, we now have 2 football sessions, 1 for Years 3&4 and 1 for Years 5&6, which are subsidised by the school.

Project 3 – Duathlon Club – Mornings before school

The Duathlon Club offered the pupils something new, exciting and different. Each morning, before school, pupils get the opportunity to take part in cycling on road bikes with turbo trainers, running and circuit training. This is followed by a free healthy breakfast in school. For this project, the school purchased 6 racing bikes with turbo trainers, adapters and additional storage for the equipment.

Project 4 – Increasing participation

The pupils now have the opportunity to attend a Change4life Sports Club. In addition, the playground has been painted with line markings for lots of different physical activities for the children at playtime and lunchtime. These activities are led by specially trained Midday Play Assistants (MPAs). Staff have also received training for these activities.

Project 5 – Improving current provision

The third element that we invested the money in previously was through improving the current provision of physical education within the school. Money was spent on staff attending training courses including those from the Suffolk PE advisor – Michael Crichton. Training was disseminated throughout the school.

Impact of Sports Premium funding

The links below show our analysis of projects 3, 4 and 5: