Cross Country

Cross Country Club

Congratulations to our Cross Country team, who all successfully completed the 2.2km course!

Springfield’s team members were:

Year 6                                   Year 5

Alice Turner                          Olivia Clennell

Libby Marney                        Freya Bills

Nina Nowicka                       Eleanor Rudge

Lasma Orlova                       Dylan Ansell

Faye Kelleher                       Flinn Lambert

George Carr                         Callum Kirkup

Callum Southgate                Richie Singh

Callum Bradshaw

Rosean Thomas

Dominic Labella

Hayden Staff

This annual cross country event took place on Monday 21st March at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook. The team has been training weekly by running along the pavements close to Springfield, which has included running up the hill in Valley Road three times in a row, in preparation for the hill in the second part of the RHS course!

The team were fantastic and a credit to the school. Every team member completed the course, running alongside children from over 40 other schools. A great achievement. Well done to you all!


Cross Country Team 2016

Friday lunch times

There are currently a group of 12 children from years 5 and 6 running every Friday lunch time. These children are training for the annual cross country event at the Royal Hospital School on the 27th March 2014. The children are learning how to pace themselves and also how to run up and down hills. Watch this space for more updates…

Friday 7th February 2014 – The Cross Country Club go our for a 2 1/2K run!