School Council

Our 2014 – 2015 School Council Mission: To transform the quiet area

This year the Head teacher has given the School Council a challenge of giving the quiet area of the playground a makeover and making it a more appealing area for the children to relax and socialise with their friends at break times. At the moment it isn’t used as it was once set out. Children use the area as an extension of the playground. Reasons for this are the lack of seating, activities and attractiveness; it doesn’t really look any different to the rest of the playground.

During the autumn term 2014, the School Council representatives were allocated some time in class to discuss this important task with their fellow classmates. They listened to the all of the children’s ideas (The Pupil’s voice), completed research and have created a short list of ideas.

The children’s vision is to provide their fellow pupils with a perfect place to socialise with their friends without the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy playground. They are planning a brightly coloured quiet area which is split into different areas where children can sit quietly with friends, read, draw or play games. They are also keen on making it environmentally friendly and long lasting.

Here is a list of their ideas (Stage 1)

  • Upcycling the serviceable original features (wooden benches and fencing) by painting them in bright colours
  • Purchasing new playground furniture made from recycled hard wearing materials
    • X2 Rainbow coloured picnic tables (traditional shape)
  • X2 Hexagonal rainbow coloured picnic tables – seats larger groups
  • Cushions to make the wooden benches more comfortable
  • A large chalk board for the wall


In order to support reading for pleasure…

  • A ‘chill out’ reading area in the form of an igloo shaped structure using recycled milk bottles. This was chosen as the whole school could be included in the project by working together by collecting the milk bottles needed. A visiting artist will be supporting the building of this alongside the school council members.

No stopping our hopes and desires! (Stage 2)

The final part of the project would be to have colourful rubber flooring to fully separate the area from the playground. Also a dome shaped roof so that the area can be used in all weathers at break time but also used as additional learning space during the school day.

Please find below the minutes for our most recent School Council Meeting:

30.4.15 Meeting