School Day

Pupils arrive at school between 8:30 and 8:45, where they are able to come straight into their classrooms. This helps them to settle quickly and helps to minimise traffic issues at the start of the day. Entry doors will be locked as soon as the children come in at 08.50. Entry into school after this time will be through the main reception area.

Parents will be asked to sign a late book if children arrive after 8.50 and 13.10. Late after 09.00 and 13.20 will be treated as an unauthorised absence and could result in a penalty notice being given to the parent/guardian. The Educational Welfare Officer has weekly visits into school to discuss attendance with the Head Teacher.

08.50 till 12.00 – Please ring before 09.30 if your child is going to be absent, send in a note when s/he returns.

Lunchtime begins at 12:00. If your child goes home for dinner, please be back at 13.05.

13.10 till 15.20 – Try to make appointments for the doctor/dentist after school hours if possible, if not notify the office of the date and time.

Whole school assemblies are held at 9:00 on Monday and Wednesday, and there is a singing assembly at 10:00 on Thursday. Parents and carers are warmly invited to attend our Friday assembly at 14:45 where we celebrate the achievements of children from across the school.

Please DO NOT at any time park in front of the school gates or in the yellow lined zig-zag areas, this is for the safety of the children and to allow emergency services access to the school should it become necessary.