Our New Curriculum

At Springfield school, we follow the National Curriculum which you can access using the link below:

Department of Education National Curriculm

Our aim is to present topics in an exciting and meaningful way.

Alongside the new national curriculum objectives we have developed, in consultation with the pupils, a new school motto aimed at inspiring our staff and children to achieving their best.

Persevere, Believe, Learn, Achieve

Through our curriculum planning, we also aim to support our pupils to become more well-rounded individuals through the development of school drivers – themes which are evident throughout all topics that we teach.


As members of a community we will be exploring the impact of things in our locality, and the people that work in our locality. We will also consider how we can play an active part of our community.


As people who are open to possibilities, we will find out about the different jobs available, opportunities to join clubs and places to visit.

Knowledge of the World:

As people who are interested in the world around us, we will endeavour to develop and share our understanding of events, cultures and places.


As Enquirers, we will create questions based around our learning and find ways of working independently in small groups to try to answer our questions. We will try to build our communication skills to present our information to others.