Springfield is a popular school and we would like to be able to admit all the children who apply to come here. Unfortunately this is not possible as we would quickly become overcrowded.

Under the current guidelines, we should be able to admit all children who live in our catchment area. There are forms to be filled in and the LEA may need to be consulted, as they would if you live outside our area. If your child is moving through from the Infant School, all of this will be dealt with as part of the change over. If you are moving in from another school, our secretary will be able to explain the procedure when you first contact the school. The decision as to whether or not we can admit children from out of our catchment area will largely depend on the number of children we have in that year group. However, we will give consideration to other factors, particularly application on medical grounds, or the fact that other members of the family are already here.

Children who attend Springfield Infant School will move to us at the beginning of year 3. We have a regular program of visits, so all of the children should be quite familiar with both schools and teachers. There will also be a chance for you to come into school to meet the staff.

If you would like to visit the school at any other time, or if you are moving into our area, we would be pleased to show you around and you should telephone or call into the school office to make an appointment.

For more information on our school admissions policy:
Admissions Policy – revised 2014