If your child is to be absent from school for the day, please telephone the school office before 8:45 and select option ‘2’ on the school’s answering system. You will be asked to leave your child’s name, class and reason for absence. Please call in everyday to report your child’s absence. If you need to report a longer spell of absence please do so through the school office.

When your child returns to school, please advise for the reason of absence in writing even if you have already telephoned this information through. For medical or dental appointments, please give advance notice and collect your child at the appropriate time from the school office. As a school, we emphasise the importance of a parental collection.

Please be aware that Springfield Junior School’s registers close at 9:00 am. Any pupil who has not registered in class by this time will be marked as an unauthorised absence. This follows Suffolk recommendations for our school pyramid.

Unexplained or frequent absences are investigated by the Educational Welfare officer. Recent legislation means that we now have to report the number of unexplained absences that we have during the year.

If your child becomes ill or is hurt at school, we will always contact you as quickly as possible. It is most important that we have an up to date record of both your home and work telephone numbers. Alternative contact numbers can also be given. If we cannot contact you, we will act upon advice from the school’s first aid worker. In the case of minor accidents, the school staff will administer first aid.

If your child has been physically sick or has suffered from diarrhoea they should be kept off school for 48 hours since the last day of illness.