Springfield Junior School

About Us

Springfield School was opened on August 31st. 1896. with Mr.F.Mayhew being the the first Headteacher. The school was built in red brick from the Dales Road brickworks and has several distinctive features. The Ipswich Coat of Arms is carved into the brickwork facing Kitchener Road and the large, central hall is built around enormous semicircular steelwork, reflecting the engineering climate of the day.

When the school was opened the classrooms were tiered, children sitting in rows which were on steps becoming higher towards the rear of each room. The Headmaster’s desk was on a low stage in the school hall where he could see into each room, enabling him to check the behaviour of both staff and pupils. Boys and girls were not allowed to play together, and there was a wall separating the two play areas. There are three slabs of sandstone built into the original school wall on which children could sharpen their slate pencils.

During the First World War the school was keen to help the soldiers fighting in France and held several concerts to raise money for them. At the beginning of the Second World War part of the playground was dug out to install underground Air-Raid shelters, which still exist.

The school has been extended and re-modelled over the years but it still has the large, central hall which is used for P.E., assemblies and lunch. Only two classrooms still open directly off this hall, all the others being reached along short corridors. During the winter of 1998/99 three rooms were added to the school, and two work areas created in the existing building.

Springfield has a special atmosphere you can feel as soon as you walk through the door. Friendly, enthusiastic, warm and welcoming. The children work with a sense of purpose and a real interest in their studies. This is no doubt due to our well-qualified and hard-working staff who aim to do everything possible to help each child in all areas of the curriculum. We are confident that with your support and co-operation your child will have a happy and successful career at Springfield Junior School.